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Yayasan Rawinala – An educational and care facility for the Multi Disabled and Visually Impaired (MVDI) children in East Jakarta. The Yayasan needs funds to expand its infrastructure to increase capacity of caring and teaching 60 children to more than 100.

Funds requested of Rotary International - US$50,000 - for infrastructure development including, additional equipment, furniture, computers, teacher training, teaching aids and more. Full details are available and Rotary Jakarta Cilandak will provide transparency of disbursements by the Yayasan as a condition of the funding.


PAUD – primary school development programme in Cilandak, South Jakarta. Funds are required for developing school infrastructure to provide extra-curricular activities for locally disadvantaged children. Transparency will be monitored through Rotary Jakarta Cilandak. Total funds required are US$ 20,000. Rotary Club Jakarta Cilandak has earmarked 25 million rupiah to assist in infrastructure re-build.


Mama Sayang Orphanage – an orphanage providing education and care for orphans in South Jakarta. This orphanage has developed a reputation for providing a good level of education combined with a responsible approach to religious teachings. The orphanage is manned by volunteers who rely entirely on donations to make ends meet.

Funds are required for development and/or maintenance of infrastructure, upgrading furniture and equipment, and so on.  US$ 20,000 in funding will go a long way in securing a good start in life for many orphaned children in the care of this Yayasan.


Rotary Club Jakarta Cilandak – ‘disaster relief funds’ – funds especially set aside and allocated for quick disbursement to alleviate distressed and displaced persons when most needed. Funds are used for acquiring shelter boxes and generally providing approved NGOs on the ground with urgently needed funds for staple food and material supplies.



Upon request further detailed information will be provided.


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